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A closer look at the Master Herder Professional Assesment

Posted by Janet Murray on Aug 30, 2017 4:49:41 AM

The Master Herder Professional Assessment is designed to measure which of the 5 roles of leadership roles you employ in various professional settings. Linda Kohanov, author of “The Five Roles of a Master Herder”, looked at behaviour patterns in large, powerful social animals like horses and saw parallels in human behaviour. The Master Herder Professional Assessment was created to help you understand which roles you tend to adopt in your environment. While doing the assesment it is important to do so with a specific organization in mind. If you hold multiple roles in your professional life you may want to perform the assesment multiple times focusing on how you would respond to each scenario in each of your roles. This assesment is designed for work, education or community related situations.

The Master Herder Professional Assesment can be done at every level of an organization. The assesment may be done anytime, anywhere and by anyone, however, if you are not familiar with the background information the results may be difficult to interpret. A Master Herder Instructor can guide you through the assesment as well as the results. Understanding the five roles of leadership and how they work together is critical in using this information provided by the assesment to your benefit.

The Master Herder Professional Assessment highlights the roles that you overemphasize or avoid, as well as acknowledge the roles you are currently balancing well. Being aware of our habits and tendencies can help us redirect our energy and efforts to more fully engage all five roles of leadership.

Lodestone Leadership offers the Master Herder Professional Assessment during our workshops. Our Master Herder Instructor, Janet Murray will administer the assesment and help you interpret your scores while guiding you through the next steps.

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The Five Roles of Leadership

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