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Getting Lucky is Hard Work

Posted by Janet Murray on Mar 7, 2018 8:00:59 AM

When I was growing up I had five siblings, loving parents, good friends.  We went on vacations with our tent trailer and I fell in love with campgrounds all across Canada.  We also used to travel to Olympia, Washington where my grandparents lived.  Visiting the ocean and camping near by filled me with special memories of family and fun!

horse-shoe-lucky-western-hoof-70085.jpegI was in my teens when I really became aware of the decisions I had formulated about who I was.  Most of those decisions were good, however I had placed limitations on myself that would take me years to overcome. I loved music, fashion, my bike, school and all it had to offer. So many choices are made when we are young. I was blessed with a healthy body and a sense of how I wanted to take care of my mind and body. Throughout my teens and into my early adult life I was often told, “You are so lucky!”  I heard this phrase so often that it bothered me.  So this was all just dumb luck? Until one day someone said to me……”Well you know what L.U.C.K. is don’t you?”

  • Labouring
  • Under
  • Correct
  • Knowledge

Now that made sense to me.  So now I believed that if I found a true principal and worked really hard I would have more luck in my life. And that is so true! 

In Stephen Covey’s book The Divine Center he talks about the road map we use every day.  If we have a map with only half the roads on it and if the map has incorrect information, we can follow that map with all our might and still be lost because the map is incomplete and will never take us to the destination we are seeking. Have you ever felt like you are going in circles?  Even if you are fully committed and execute your journey with haste you will only find that you are getting lost twice as fast.

There are many experiences that can help shift the view we have of ourselves and of everything that is going on around us.  How we fit into the pattern of our lives and how to make those subtle changes that can illuminate the road ahead. Having correct knowledge will dispel the limitations we so willingly accept in ourselves. Sometimes we meet someone who helps us see a different point of view. Some times we experience something that creates a paradigm shift.

For me a huge shift happened when I began working with horses. Their honest and profound dealings with me honoured what was good and showed me how to change what needed changing. The mirror they held up for me was life changing. 

I am so grateful for the ability to labour under correct knowledge as I dispel the untruths in my life.

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