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Silent Inspiration: The Art of Doing Nothing

Posted by Janet Murray on Feb 17, 2018 12:08:40 PM

The art of doing nothing! Or is that even possible?

Lao-Tzu observed that "it is upon disaster that good fortune rests." - a broken leg, a missed appointment, a snow storm, surgery. Ten days ago I had major surgery, I have been recovering and feeling stronger each day. I am committed to allowing my body time to heal. I am a very active person and like to be busy with many things. As I have allowed myself the quiet time to heal and rest, so many wonderful things have happened. My thoughts and ideas have flowed so freely and in such an inspirational direction.

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The Journey To Becoming A Leader Starts With Self-Awareness

Posted by Jake McLaren on Dec 5, 2017 4:20:06 AM

In 2011, creators of the iPhone 4S took speech recognition software to the masses with an “intelligent” assistant named Siri. Siri responds to all kinds of verbal directives, Siri looks things up on the internet, makes restaurant recommendations, keeps track of your schedule, asks clarifying questions, and learns, to a certain extent through continued use. Some people find Siri amusing; others find her useful. Still others find her annoying and turn her off. And then there are those who joke with her like my husband.

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The Five Roles of Leadership

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