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What can we do for Mother's day this year?

Posted by Seanna McLaren on May 12, 2018 8:21:28 AM



Every year I wonder what can I do to celebrate how awesome my mother is? Should I buy her a gift? Take her out to dinner or brunch? Or maybe this year I should make it about spending quality time with her. Making Memories we can both hold on to for a long time to come. Maybe my mother and I will start a new tradition. One to pass down to my children or add friends next year.

Mother's can come in many different types of packages. Aunts, Grandmothers, sisters, stepmothers, or maybe just that lovely lady who raised us and taught us right from wrong.  The strong female in our lives who influenced us the most.  Made us strong and fierce and independent. She doesn't always have to be our mother.  We should celebrate any number of ladies who have taken on the role of mother. Mothers come from all walks of life and can come to us in different times in our lives as well. This year no more commercial Mother's Day for me. This year I am going to invest time and effort in my mother. Just like she has done for me my entire life and, I am certain, will continue to do so for more years to come.

I have been thinking about it for awhile now. What to do? how to do it? Through several bouts of mental block and many discarded ideas. I have come up with plans galore. Plans I have then scrapped because it was more about me than my mother. I had to remind myself of who she was, what was she going to like, what could we do together that would help us connect. How to make glorious memories together.

Plan number one is taking a cooking/baking class together. Learning to work together to achieve a goal. Something precise and slightly scientific. A project or class to remind both of us of all those science projects she "helped" me with in school. A way to re-connect those feelings of partnering. An achievement based goal is perfect to connect those past memories and tie new memories together. I always feel lighter, feel a sense of achievement and well being, and feel a sense of quiet joy after making a batch of bread. I want to share that joy with the greatest woman in my life. Share that connection.


Plan number two is an sport or outdoor based activity. A pathway to remember all the field trips, sporting events, practices, movies, and friends' houses she chauffeured me to and from. My first thought was hiking to parallel all the many times she hiked thru the mall with me in search of that perfect outfit or pair of shoes. But then the 



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thought came that maybe it wasn't on the list of something either of us would enjoy. Honestly I am sure she would be fine but who wants to be outshone by their mother. Which lead me to the thought of how about an exercise class? I thought about the classes and decided that i think that is great but maybe something we could do together on a more long term basis. I wanted something more immediate and with more impact. More of an adventure based on who we are or what we liked, maybe something new to both of us. Aha, how about horseback riding? Adventurous and physical, but not too physical, and fun. Animals, fresh air, and time for us to talk. Connecting to each other and to a beautiful animal it was perfect. To form a positive relationship between a horse and their partner it must consist of trust, cooperation, and attentiveness. I feel this applies to any relationship as well.

So this year and every year after how about we start thinking outside the box. Concentrate on activity based presents for our mothers. Time spent creating new memories and remembering old ones. Bridging old and new experiences. Can you think of a better way to tell your mother how much she means to you, how much love and respect you have for her, except by showing her with time and attention because I sure can't!



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